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iFin-2018 - XVIII Международный Форум, посвященный дистанционным финансовым услугам и технологиям

Brief in English

Date and Location:
February 20-21, 2018 - Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow, Russia.

Forum Organizer: iFin Media, with the assistance from the Association of Russian Banks (ARB).

Forum Topics: iFin-2018 is one of the most significant business events on electronic financial services and technology in Russia. Within two days, Forum attendees can meet the latest achievements in the following professional areas: remote banking systems, online and mobile banking, internet trading, front-office systems, online payments, electronic payment tools, financial self-service networks, information security, etc. iFin-2018 covers the whole range of issues related to development and promotion of the up-to-date electronic financial services and technology. Please see the Forum schedule for more information.

Forum Exhibitors and Speakers: Software and hardware developers, consulting companies and service providers that offer IT solutions for banks and financial corporations interested in remote banking technology.

Forum Sponsors: BIFIT, BSS, iCAM Group. Click here to view the iFin-2018 List of Participants (in Russian).

At the iFin-2017, 30 top national and foreign companies demonstrated their achievements and turnkey solutions in the electronic finance area: Oracle, iCAM Group, BSS, BIFIT, ГК "Центр Финансовых Технологий", Diasoft, Банковские информационные системы, R-Style SoftLab, and many others (full list).

Forum Attendees: Delegates from banks, investment trust companies, broker companies and other financial institutions that need IT solutions for providing their customers with remote financial services. Those are heads of IT-departments, product and business departments who responsible to development of the electronic financial technology and promotion of the electronic financial services. Forum geography – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and more than 50 cities in Russia, as well as the CIS and abroad. Estimated number of attendees – 500-600 delegates.

Participation of two delegates from the bank or financial company is free of charge (but online pre-registration is required). Entrance fee for more number of delegates from bank or financial company is 8,000 RUR for each person (for delegates from non-financial institutions and individuals - 17,000 RUR for each person).

Request for Conditions of Participation:
Please complete and submit the online form to get Conditions of Participation.



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